New music: Jaymie Bellet

Shalom, Chavan fans,

We’ve got some brand new music for you. Messianic Jewish believer Jaymie Bellet has contributed her 2 albums to Chavah. She writes,

“I would be happy to send you a copy of both my CDs (I say 'mine' but they're His actually). I would be honored to be on Chavah in such great company (Faith Yesner from Kol Simcha is a friend of mine. In a completely true and comic circumstance, we both played nuns in a local production of the Sound of Music, years ago. Messianic Jews in habits - how often does THAT happen?)”

Awesome! Thanks, Jaymie. Her tunes come in the form of 2 albums for the Lord:

Jaymie Bellet – No One Ever Spoke Like This Man:

And a new album, Jaymie Bellet – The Dedication:

Todah, Jaymie.

And fine Chavah fans, if you enjoy her music, support her! It’s good for Messiah’s people to support Messiah’s musicians: purchase her albums from

Enjoy, fine Chavah fans.


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