New music: Lev Shelo - Proclamation

And yet more new music still. We’re stoked, thrilled, positively joyful in the Lord that popular artist Lev Shelo has contributed their new album, Proclamation, for play on Chavah:

Lev Shelo – Proclamation

Lev Shelo is one of the most popular artists on Chavah, virtually all their songs are ranked +50 or higher by the international Messianic community on Chavah.

Can’t wait to listen through their new album – from the bits I’ve heard so far, it’s going to top even their last album.

If you like the music, support Messiah’s musicians by purchasing the album for $9.99 instant download or $15 for the CD.

Shalom, disciples of Yeshua and Messiah music lovers.


  1. Really missed Chavah when the site was down - but LOVE what you've done to upgrade it!! ~ Pauline (in Kansas)

  2. Todah. The upgrade was a small taste of things to come. We'll soon have some awesome features like custom playlists, custom stations, genres, tags, and more. This upgrade was a necessary step in that direction towards Chavah 3.0.


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