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“Todah Judah!”

Todah Judah!  Thank you for adding Christopher Mann’s new album.  It is awesome!  We will actually be having him lead us in a time of worship during our upcoming 2014 UMJA Conference.  … Thank you for your music awesome ministry to the Messianic community.  You make a difference in this world.  Keep up the good mitzvah! … …where can we donate to help you…? L’chaim b’Yeshua! -Rabbi Reuel Dillon My pleasure, Reuel! So glad to hear this. It’s an honor to serve Messiah through Chavah. God gave me the gift of technology twiddling, using these talents for his purposes is hopefully some divine Return on Investment, a way to generate some interest for my Investor. :-) Regarding donations, I’d rather you just donate directly to the artists . Chavah exists only to amplify Messiah’s music and help the Messianic musicians, many of whom rely on (e.g. for housing, food, essentials) donations and music sales by you, the Messianic listener, so just donate to them or buy their music: see how can I

New music: Christopher Mann - Keren Yeshua

Fine Chavah fans, rejoice! New artist-contributed music has been added to the station: Christopher Mann – Keren Yeshua Christopher contacted us at Messianic Radio last week: Shalom Messianic Radio! My name is Christopher Mann and on September 4th, I will be releasing a Messianic CD, Keren Yeshua. The links for the website and video are below: Youtube video for "Keren Yeshua" the title track: The CD sample and video can also be seen on the website: Thank you so much. We had a few emails back and forth, ending with Christopher saying he'd be honored if we played his music on Chavah. Thanks, Christopher! It’s we who are honored to play your music and give Chavah fans a taste of your fresh, soaring music for Messiah, even a week before its official release. Here’s what I think. I say we totally bless him by buying his music . It’s just $10 to support him and get his new album. If you’re kind and have the means to do

“Thank you so much for this wonderful channel!”

Michelle Secord writes in, Hi, I'm a Gentile believer who God has placed within my heart a great love for His people and His chosen land, Israel. I love my Messianic brothers and sisters, though I'm still pretty ignorant as to your beliefs, other than you accept Yeshua as Your Messiah, and therefore the New Testament as part of the whole of Gods council to us as believers. I love the Hebrew language and would love to learn, though it would probably have to be slowly, plodding along. I had 3 strokes in one event, and though I have recovered quite well, memorization is an issue, although God does wonders with His word which tends to stick like glue, verses, but maybe not their address! lol Is there anyway, for instance, to find out the English/Hebrew translation to songs? I'm betting there's websites right? I need help remembering the obvious being post-stroke, but if you have favorites I would SO appreciate an informed opinion! And THANK YOU SO MUCH for this wonderful c

“Thank You for Chavah!”

New Chavah listener Jessie Lemus writes, Judah, I just discovered Chavah on the net and was thrilled beyond words.  Praise the Lord for your innovative radio station.  I'm passing this link on to my friends. G-d's abundant blessings to you, Jessie Stuff like this brings me a smile, folks. Thanks for listening and spreading Messiah’s tunes!

New music from independent Messianic artists

Fine Chavah listeners, We've added music from several independent Messianic artists: Hananyah Naftali - Your Presence Frederique Vervoitte - My Spirit Sings Melanee McClure - Unreleased (Psalm reading with harp) David Rives - Le'Olam Chaya Shalom - Emunah Enjoy, fine Messianic music fans.