“Thank you so much for this wonderful channel!”

Michelle Secord writes in,

Hi, I'm a Gentile believer who God has placed within my heart a great love for His people and His chosen land, Israel. I love my Messianic brothers and sisters, though I'm still pretty ignorant as to your beliefs, other than you accept Yeshua as Your Messiah, and therefore the New Testament as part of the whole of Gods council to us as believers. I love the Hebrew language and would love to learn, though it would probably have to be slowly, plodding along. I had 3 strokes in one event, and though I have recovered quite well, memorization is an issue, although God does wonders with His word which tends to stick like glue, verses, but maybe not their address! lol Is there anyway, for instance, to find out the English/Hebrew translation to songs? I'm betting there's websites right? I need help remembering the obvious being post-stroke, but if you have favorites I would SO appreciate an informed opinion! And THANK YOU SO MUCH for this wonderful channel, today, I'm quite tired (I also have chronic Fibromyalgia), and so I'm forcing myself to rest (I don't do that well), but feeling the Lords peace through His music. It was no coincidence that I found you yesterday. Love and blessings from your sister in Yeshua, Michelle Secord in Denver.

Michelle – thank you! I love your story. I believe with complete faith that God's put in you (and many, many others!) a love for Israel and a draw to the things of Israel. It's a work of the Lord that will come to fruition in the form of the restoration of all Israel.

As for lyrics (often with English translation) to the songs, check out our sister site, MessianicChords.


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