New music: Christopher Mann – Or (Light)

Shalom, Messianic music fans.

Before 2015 comes to a close, we’ve added a brand new album to the station:

Christopher Mann – Or (Light)

This is a brand new album released just the other week. Christopher generously sent the album to us for play on Chavah Messianic Radio – hallelu, thanks Christopher!

This is Christopher’s second album on Chavah. His first album, Keren Yeshua (Horn of Salvation), has been very well received, with several songs ranked highly by you Chavah fans.

Fine Chavah fans, would you bless Christopher by purchasing his album? This supports Messiah’s musicians, and I believe it’s encumbent on us to do so as a mitzvah to further God’s kingdom.

Blessings to Christopher for contributing his music on Chavah, and blessings to you, fine Chavah fans, for supporting him by purchasing his music.


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