New Music: Barry & Batya Segal - Day 7

Fine Chavah fans, a little gift for you as we approach the holy days:

I’m pleased, stoked, exuberant, and perhaps overly joyful to bring you something long waited for in the Messianic music community:

Barry & Batya Segal – Day 7

Barry & Batya Segal are well-known in the Messianic music world, in fact, their music ranks as some of the top ranked music on Chavah, with 4 of their songs making the top 25 ranked tunes of all time on Chavah:

And, coincidentally, they have 7 songs in the top 70! (Hey, maybe that’s a sign?)

The Messianic music community has long waited for a follow-up to their previous hits, and now the Segals have delivered.

I love the music on this new album, focusing on God’s sabbath rest. I think you guys will too!

Buy the album here for a cool $17. Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians!


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