Ian Kalev Michaels – Beyond the Veil

Added to the station, contributed by the artist, a Messianic instrumental album with some amazing guitar talent praising the Lord.

Ian Kalev Michaels - Beyond the VeilIan Kalev Michaels – Beyond the Veil



  1. Shalom, Judah! Thanks so much for this site, and keeping it fresh with improvements and new songs! It sure is a blessing.

    I wondered if you had considered including Brant Boneh's "Covenant Worship Project" album (http://boneh.bandcamp.com/album/the-covenant-worship-project). I would love to hear it on Chavah!

  2. Hi NParsons,

    Thanks for the comments. I'm not familiar with Bran Boneh's music.

    I'm definitely willing to add his music to the station if Boneh approves. I'll add his music to the my list of "albums to get and put on Chavah." :-)


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