New music: Steve Rees – Psalms of Aliyah, and more

Shalom holy friends,

As we’re wrapping up the Feast of Unleavened Bread this week, maybe you’re up for some holy harp music?

Steve Rees plays calming, soothing harp music inspired by the Davidic psalms. They’re perfect for entering into Shabbat with peace. Here’s a sample of Steve playing the traditional Mi Kamocha tune in Jerusalem:

Steve has graciously sent us several of his albums for play on Chavah:

Steve Rees - Festival of His Birth

Steve Rees - Keys of David

Sleeve ECO

Steve Rees – Psalms of Aliyah

steve rees - psalms of aliyah

Steve Rees – Illuminations

steve rees - illuminations

Steve Rees – Healing Harp


Enjoy these peaceful pieces as we enter Shabbat and wrap up the holy week of Unleavened Bread.

If you like Steve’s holy harp music, check out his music site and support him by buying his albums.

Shalom, fine Chavah fans!


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