New music: Troy Mitchell - Awake

Shalom fine Chavah listeners, and an early shabbat shalom to you all. We're rolling out beautiful new Messianic music on the station:

Troy is a dear friend whom I've had the pleasure of worshiping with in-person many times. In fact, Troy is a leader at Beth Immanuel, a Messianic congregation that I attended as a teenager. 😎 He's extraordinarily talented as a cantor, guitarist, pianist, singer and songwriter. And if there is such a thing as a true mentsch, Troy is one; one of the kindest people you'll meet.

Awake is Troy's latest work of beauty, having previously created Light of the World, Yoke of the King, and worked with another group called Arba Minim. Additionally, Troy has produced liturgical works like Se'udat Mashiach.  The title of the album comes from Isaiah 52: "Awake, awake, put on your strength, O Zion; put on your beautiful garments, O Jerusalem."  

Throughout this album, Troy calls the world to awaken from slumber and hail the coming redemption. He takes listeners on a spiritual journey singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs inspired from the psalms of David, the biblical prophets, the New Testament, and synagogue liturgy. This soulful wake-up call features English lyrics ornamented with Hebrew and layered with Mitchell’s uniquely crafted original melodies. Shake the slumber from your sleeping soul. 

Enjoy this beautiful new addition to Chavah Messianic Radio, friends. If this music ministers to you, consider purchasing the album here. And remember, you can support Messiah's musicians, like Troy, by donating to Messiah's Music Fund. Thanks for supporting Messiah's musicians, friends.

Shabbat shalom, friends.


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