New music: Teresa Thomas – Upon Your Shore

Shalom, fine Chavah fans. It’s been a month or two since we added new music. Our fault! Chavah had a major upgrade about 2 months ago, during which time the upload functionality broke.

Not to fear, I worked liked crazy today (no worries, it’s not shabbat yet!) to get things back up and running right. And now I’m pleased to announce the first of several albums added to the station this week:

Teresa Thomas – Upon Your Shore

I think you’ll love Teresa’s songs for Messiah: with songs like “Road to Jerusalem”, “Holy One of Israel”, and “Passover Promise”, there are bound to be some Chavah classics in the making.

Like what you hear? Please support Messiah’s musicians by purchasing Teresa’s music for name-your-price.

Shalom, Messianic music fans!


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