New music: Kol Simcha - Be Strong, Chazak!

More new music rollout! We’ve added great new music to the station: a classic oldie entitled Be Strong Chazak! by Kol Simcha.

This is the album that has inspired numerous remakes you may have heard from new artists. For example, all these songs originated on the Chazak album:

  • Am Echad by Ted Pearce
  • Adonai by Paul Wilbur
  • Favor on Zion by Kathy Shooster
  • Hallelu Et Adonai by Ted Pearce

All these hits started right here, on this classic album from Kol Simcha.

A special thanks to our buddy Zachary Sullivan @xaksullivan for helping us procure this album.

You can purchase Kol Simcha’s music here.

Shabbat shalom, fine Messianic music fans.


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