New music: Sons of Avi – Dance for Joy

Boy, we sure are on a music-addin’ rampage, aren’t we? 10 albums in the last week or so. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Today, we have new music from Sons of Avi, a new Messianic group based in Minnesota (right near us!).

Band member Leslie Elias sent the tunes our way for play on Chavah – thanks Leslie!

Sons of Avi – Dance for Joy

Fine Chavah fans, if you will, give a listen to Sons of Avi, and if you like it, purchase their album at

Todah, Messianic music aficionados!


  1. Thanks for putting our CD online! The picture is in negative format though.....ooops
    Les Elias (Sons of Avi)

  2. Album is also available at a discount on iTunes - search for Sons of Avi.
    Todah rabbah

  3. Leslie,

    The picture I used was from your site. If you've got an updated image for the album art, send it my way.



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