Giving thanks: Neil & Pam C.

Dear Chavah listeners, 

I occasionally receive mail from you all thanking me for Chavah. It's a bright spot in my week when I read them. Neil & Pam C. sent me this letter recently along with a donation:


"Thanks" is not enough for your labor in producing and maintaining Chavah.

Truly a labor of love for Adonai and His followers.

Blessings + Shalom,

Neil + Pam

Neil & Pam, this brought a huge smile to my face. Thank you! I'm glad Chavah is a blessing to you both. If there's any good here, it's credited to the King. Thanks for this kind letter of encouragement!

I put your donation into Messiah's Music Fund for distribution to the artists on Chavah. 💖

Now, back to work, but with a smile on my face.


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