Giving thanks: Bill & Teri M.

“I just discovered your radio station and can't express how excited I am!! I've been so frustrated trying to input Messianic songs in other stations and never getting anywhere. I can't wait to purchase the songs I've only been able to find on You Tube. I'm sharing this treasure with all my friends!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Shalom!”

Bill & Teri M. from New Mexico


  1. Shalom :-)

    To me it is also a full joy since I founded CMR a few months ago. It would be much more joyfull for me if I could share songs on my blogspot blog, but, for a reason I don't understand, no way!

    I just tried 5 minuts ago to share this one with teh embed code but nothing appears on the screen, any idea to help me?

    Thanks so much again :-)))

    Valerie Sha from Paris - FRANCE

  2. Hi Valeria,

    I wrote a blog post just now explaining how to do it. It's simple:

    How can I share a song on my blog?


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