New feature: Comment on songs!

Shalom Chavah fans!

We’ve rolled out a nifty new feature on Chavah: you can now comment on songs!

Whenever a song is playing, scroll down to the comments area:

Click the drop down arrow and you’ll see existing comments and a way to comment yourself:

You’ll notice that a user’s picture is next to the comment – if you don’t have a profile picture, you can add one on your profile. Also, the user’s first and last name are displayed, which are also pulled from your profile. If you haven’t filled it out, Chavah will use a variant on your email address as the displayed name.

To limit abuse, commenting requires you to sign in. If you’re not signed in, you can see existing comments, but you’ll need to sign in to add your own comment. Here’s what it looks like if I’m not signed in:

My goal with this feature is help build a community around the music and to give listeners a voice! I often find many users submit comments to songs as lyrics or song tags. We can’t accept those submissions, but it shows a real need for listeners to have a voice and give feedback on the music.

I hope you all enjoy!


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