FAQ: Why won’t Chavah play the next song?

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A lot of folks have written in, asking why Chavah won’t play the next song.

Q. “Chavah plays a song, then when the song ends, I don’t hear anything. What’s wrong?”

A. If you’re on a desktop or laptop, reboot. If you’re on a mobile device like an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, use the Chavah app: Chavah for iOS, or Chavah for Android.

Q. I’m using the Chavah app, but it still only plays 1 song, then stops.

A. On some mobile devices, like iPhone, Chavah must be in the foreground (not in the background) and your screen must be on.

The problem isn’t with Chavah, but the device you’re using to listen. Chavah uses web standards to play audio, meaning it works fine on laptops, desktops, Windows, Mac, Linux. However, some mobile devices, like Apple iPhones, impose superficial imitations on web-based audio.

For example, as of iOS 12, Apple has imposed a battery-saving (but app-breaking) “feature” that prevents web-based apps, like Chavah, from running in the background. Thus, as of iOS 12, for Chavah to play the next song, Chavah must be the active app (not in the background) and your screen must be on.

We’ve filed a bug report with Apple to fix this issue, but it’s unclear when or if they will do so.


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