Chavah now on TuneIn radio (and Sonos!)

Shalom friends,

Good news! Chavah is now on TunIn radio, which means you can play Chavah via an app on your phone, or broadcast Chavah throughout your home with Sonos speakers.


If you want to listen to Chavah via the TuneIn Radio app, download the TuneIn app on your phone’s app store:

Once installed, search for Chavah and you’ll see our station.

Being on TuneIn radio also means being able to play Chavah music on your Sonos speakers in your house. To do that, launch your Sonos app and go to Stations, and search for Chavah.



  1. Every time I try to listen with Sonos it tells me no connection for Chavah Radio. What's the trick to make it play?

    1. Unfortunately, Sonos broke this. Without announcing any changes to us, they stopped supporting the standard playlist format for TuneIn.

      I'm unsure how to make it work at this time. I'll post here if we can find a fix.


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