Giving thanks: Zemer Levav to all Chavah listeners

Fine Chavah fans, 

I just opened a piece of snail mail from Messianic musicians Zemer Levav. Your donations through Messiah's Music Fund have blessed them each month. Here's what Zemer Levav writes,

To Judah, or whoever checks the mail for Chavah Radio,

Thank you for the ongoing financial support of Zemer Levav. We are honored to be supported by such an honest and intelligently passionate ministry!!

In due season you shall reap, if you faint not!!

Shalom U'vracha!!

Mark & Shimrit Hanes / Zemer Levav

Zemer Levav

Friends, this letter is thanking me, but really, it should be thanking you, the listeners who donate to Messiah's Music Fund. Thank you for blessing Messianic musicians like Zemer Levav each month. It's a good work for the Lord! 

And all glory to the One who makes it all possible: the King of Glory himself, soon returning, soon appearing before the nations and Israel. Let's keep advancing His kingdom, friends. 💖


  1. This was super cool that you let us, your listeners know about the letter. I always wondered if any of the muscians said something to you about our donations. It is great to know that they feel blessed. I know I am blessed by being able to listen to them here .


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