New (old) music now playing on Chavah: Marty Goetz & Friends - Healing Presence

Shalom dear Chavah listeners,

We've added some fresh music to the station, more from the inimitable Marty Goetz:

Marty Goetz & Friends - Healing Presence

This older album from back in 2011 features  beautiful golden oldies from Marty (e.g. The Love of God), as well as some collaborations with other artists. This Christian album has some uplifting tunes that I think will bless you all. Give it a listen and see what you think.

You can support Marty by purchasing his music over at

You can also support Marty and all musicians on Chavah by donating to Messiah's Music Fund.

Thanks for supporting Messiah's musicians, friends. Have a great shabbat!


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