New music: Mason Clover - The Isaiah 43 Project

Shalom Chavah listeners,

I hope you all have had a beautiful and meaningful Passover.

We’ve added another album to the station for your holy enjoyment:

Mason Clover - The Isaiah 43 Project

We’ve got three of Mason’s other albums on the station - An Intimiate LookUnity, and Perception - and they’ve been loved and well-received by you all.

I gave a listen to the tracks on this new (to me) album; I know these God-exalting songs will lift you up. Worthy is likely to become one of my new favorites. Maybe yours as well.

A bit about Mason:

Mason Clover is a praise and worship leader currently living in Norman, OK. Mason released his first Messianic album in 2008. He has produced worship albums for multiple other artists in the last 10 years. Mason was the Founder of the Hebraic Roots Network and the Founder of the Revive Hebrew Roots conferences in Florida, Tennessee, and Texas.

He also has helped oversee and consult with many of the most respected Messianic ministries across the United States. He currently serves as the Senior Pastor for Hebraic Family Fellowship in Norman, OK, and is the Founding Director of the sister location in Dallas, TX. He also helped launch in 2020.

I’ll add, I’ve worshiped with Mason twice in person. His worship to the Lord was sincere, moving, joyful. Helped me grow closer to God each time.

I hope this album will do the same for you, fine Chavah fans.


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