New Music: Messianic Jewish Alliance of Israel - Zimrat 2020

Shalom fine Chavah listeners,

Fresh Messianic Jewish music from Israel now playing Chavah:

Various Artists - Zimrat 2020 זמרת 

This is a really special album, friends. It’s a live performance by Israeli Messianic songwriters as assembled by the Messianic Jewish Alliance of Israel (MJAI).

Artists include (take a deep breath):

  • Yochai Tamir
  • Gustavo Moguillansky
  • Efrat Gerlich
  • Rosalind Hershkovitz
  • Dvir Bousi
  • Shimon Gefen
  • Anni Milburn
  • Hanna Spaander
  • Zipporah Bennett
  • Elyakim Levy
  • Keren Silver
  • Dikla Oshrat Nickalls
  • Bat El Schucman
  • Yunas Alvre
  • Lana Lizorkin
  • Yona Insulani
  • Or Gerlich
  • Elad Shevach
  • Nadia Gefen
  • Osnat Ben Natan
  • Thais Schucman
  • Alexander Fishman
  • Tanya Kadin
  • Shiri Regev
  • Elad Shevach
  • Ludmila Lemeshkina
  • Tina Karkiyeinan

(phew!) By the long list of artists and songwriters, you may have guessed this is a HUGE album! Weighing in at 53 songs, it’s the largest single album we have on the station.

The recordings are live and raw without editing or mastering, but I think there’s something beautiful and original in that. 😎

Here’s how the MJAI describes this album,

We are delighted to present to the Body of Messiah in Israel songs presented at the Music Conference for new Messianic songs at Moshav Yad Hashmona, February 20-21, 2020.

The Music Conference, held every other year for more than 2 decades, gives a platform and an opportunity for composers and songwriters from all over the land to present their new songs publicly and in a proper framework.

By the mercies of the Lord, we managed to hold the conference almost in the last minutes before COVID-19 pandemic fell upon us with all its restrictions and prohibitions.

These live recorded MP3s from the conference enable a proper distribution of the new songs to the Messianic congregations in Israel. There is also a demand and enthusiasm among believers around the world to obtain a digital or hard copy of the songbook and the MP3s in order to be able to worship the God of Israel and the Lord Yeshua in Hebrew.

Our prayer is that this will indeed be an effective tool for learning the new songs in the Messianic congregations in Israel and any other places in the world, so that these songs will be a blessing and encouragement to the believers, and bring Glory to Go our Father and the Lord Yeshua the Messiah, our Savior.

Awesome! Let’s amplify these tunes to Israel and the world for the glory of the King - give them a listen, dear Chavah fans. I think you'll be encouraged.

You can purchase this album over at You can also donate to Messiah’s Music Fund, which gets distributed to these artists and all the artists on Chavah.

Enjoy these tunes for the Lord, fine Chavah listeners!


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