New music: Israeli & Arabic Artists - Kol Koreh (The Voice of One Calling) קול קורא

Shalom friends and an early Happy Passover to you all!

To celebrate, here's a new album from Jews and Arabs in the Holy Land, coming together to exalt King Messiah - it's awesome!

Israeli and Arabic Artists - Kol Koreh (The Voice of One Calling) קול קורא

The Voice of One Calling is the joining of Hebrew and Arabic voices in unified worship and adoration, to prepare the way for the coming King. Some awesome praises in both Hebrew and Arabic, including new takes on old Messianic favorites like "Lift Up Your Heads".

Listening to this new album, it's upbeat and full of life, dynamic. A blend of a modern sound set to Middle Eastern instruments. It's an awesome praise to the King in a unique unity between Hebrew and Arab believers.

Friends, I encourage you to checkout their ministry, Dor Haba (The Next Generation). They have a heart for unity between Jews and Arabs in Messiah. And they do that primarily through ministry and music - what a blessing!

Enjoy this beautiful, unique music for Messiah, dear Chavah fans. And happy Passover to you all!


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