New feature: popular, trending, recent pages

Shalom friends,

I'm glad to report we've rolled out a new feature to the station:

You can now browse popular, recent, and trending pages:

  • Popular shows the top-ranked songs on Chavah
  • Recent shows songs you recently played
  • Trending shows songs that were thumbed-up recently by you and other listeners
To access these pages, on desktop or tablet just click the any of the circled areas:

Additionally, and to enable these pages on mobile phones, you can access these pages from the menu in the top right:

We've also updated some styling on the home page for desktop and tablets: as the songs change, so will the text color of "trending", "my likes", "recent", and "popular":

Each time a song plays, the text color will transition to the album colors. In the above screenshot, the album text color is red, so the trending, my likes, recent, and popular links become red as well.

And finally, we revamped the My Likes pages to work like trending, popular, and recent. They all work better on mobile as well.



  1. Thank you, this is great!! Stay blessed!

  2. I was thinking it would be so cool if we in the mishpochah would comment on what our "request" song is that if we are listening and we hear it, we can know that our brother/sister is listening at that moment. Beautiful and sweet thought to me.

  3. Mine is "Psalm 91" by Jordan Marcellino, from one of the For Zion's Sake discs back in the 00's.

  4. Judah, Messianic has been OFFLINE FOR MORE THAN A WEEK IF YOU WERE UNAWARE. I use Mozilla Fire Fox, but it won't play on my Iphone either. Just letting you know.

    I understand you have lots of things going on in you family right now with the loss of Arron. Blessings, Your in Our Prayers

    1. I think the issue is on your end, as I've been playing Chavah all this week, both on my iPhone and on my PC.


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