New music: Moshav - Shabbat Vol. 2

An early shabbat shalom, holy friends. We’ve rolled out some great new music on Chavah Messianic Radio:

Moshav – Shabbat Vol. 2

moshav - shabbat vol. 2

Moshav is a leading Jewish music group from Israel, and their popularity spans many genres. We spoke with the band a year ago about playing their music on Chavah, and they graciously agreed. This is their 2nd album on Chavah, with their first being Shabbat Vol. 1. Thanks to Moshav for letting us play their music on our station.

If you’re enjoying their music, check out their site and their huge (16 album!) discography over at

An early shabbat shalom, friends. We hope this beautiful Hebrew music sparks joy for your Shabbat.


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