New music: Joshua Aaron – Bring Us Back

Shalom holy friends,

We’re glad to announce Joshua Aaron’s new album, Bring Us Back, is now live on Chavah Messianic Radio:

Joshua Aaron – Bring Us Back

joshua aaron - bring us back

I’m stoked about this new album! Most of you already know Joshua Aaron; he’s produced hits like Gadol Elohai, You Are Holy, Kadosh Atah, and these have been hugely popular both in Messianic congregations and among the Chavah community.

I fully expect this new album will likewise produce something remarkable and God-glorifying – something we can worship with for decades to come! – and that excites me, friends.

You can purchase the new album over at, and of course you can donate to Joshua Aaron through Chavah’s donate button whenever Aaron’s music plays:


Enjoy the new music for Messiah, holy Chavah fans!


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