New music: Marty Goetz & Misha - L’Dor V’Dor

Shalom holy friends,

Brand new Messianic Jewish music for your listening pleasure. Our dear friend, Messianic music pioneer, and holy brother in the Lord, Marty Goetz & his daughter Misha have put together a wonderful new album.

Marty Goetz & Misha – L’Dor V’Dor: From Generation to Generation

marty goetz & misha - l'dor v'dor

You can purchase this wonderful new album here for an easy $16. Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians, friends!

I had the pleasure of meeting Marty Goetz last night. I spoke with him and talked to him about Chavah Messianic Radio. He was gracious and said, “How can we get the new album to you to play on the station?”


Yours truly with Marty Goetz, taken just last night!

I told him I was already a financial backer of the new album via Indiegogo; I should receive the new album soon enough. But another listener, Marty Blume, who has helped Chavah Messianic Radio greatly in the last few months, got the new album on the station just a day prior to all this. Thanks to both Marty’s! Smile

For the uninitiated, Marty Goetz is a Messianic music pioneer; this is his 11th (!) album, and his daughter Misha’s 2nd album. Hallelu! Marty’s music is some of the top-ranked music on Chavah. In fact, in the top 70 ranked songs on Chavah as ranked by the international community, Marty’s song He is My Defense ranks #2! (And it’s only 1 thumb-up away from a tie for #1 song of all time on – wow!)

Marty’s music has been an inspiration to me in my life. His rich vocals coupled with skillful piano has produced beautiful, peaceful psalms, hymns, and original compositions that have brought comfort to God’s people for over 4 decades. Please, please, please support Marty by purchasing his new album for yourself. Thanks, friends! Enjoy!


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