New music: David Abramsky – Revive the Heart

Shalom friends,

New music on Chavah Messianic Radio to sweeten your shabbat:

David Abramsky – Revive the Heart

david abramsky - revive the heart

David found our station via social media and reached out to us to get his music on the station. I gave it a listen and immediately approved it – it’s an beautiful instrumental work featuring Abramsky’s skillful cello and piano. David describes the album like this:

In this CD I've grouped the more upbeat tracks near the beginning, and have let the music gradually relax and soothe as you continue to the final track.  I love layering the cello ("Rachel Weeping for Her Children" has six cellos!) and doing a piano duet with me playing all four hands ("Like A River Glorious")!  A classic Messianic tune, "Awake O Israel", is the focus for a fun arrangement--a departure from my more relaxing material.  Many listeners have emailed asking for some solo cello work so this CD contains a collection of four Jewish melodies, all on solo cello.  There's nothing like the depth of feeling you can get from diving to the bottom C string of the cello.  Let these arrangements help you balance being "in the world but not of it."  Our Lord and Savior Y'shua/Jesus is the true giver of peace.  Shalom!

A recent customer wrote me: "Rarely does a CD affect me this way (live music more often) but I have to tell you that when I heard your cd it made me feel like weeping.  This is a good thing.  I played it during one of our intercession prayer times and they too were moved.  I especially like 'My Story' and 'Rachel Weeping for Her Children'.  Bless you and thank you for some beautiful music--this CD is annointed."

I think you fine Chavah fans will love the peaceful, beautiful psalms, old and new, on this album. You can purchase David Abramsky’s Revive the Heart for $10 over at CDBaby – thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians, fine Chavah fans.

Enjoy the new music for Messiah! An early shabbat shalom to all of you.


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