New music: Sarah Liberman - The Invitation

Shalom and chag sameach, fine Chavah listeners. 

New music rolling out on the station today, fresh Messianic music from Israel. 3 albums in fact!

A bit about this album and Sarah herself:

Starting out as a pioneering evangelistic worship project ‘The Invitation’ became an arrow of hope in the most desperate times. Across the Middle East region Israelis, Arabs and Iranians came together to produce these incredible tracks and materials. 

Three distinct collections are available in Arabic, Farsi and English/Hebrew.

Sarah is a gifted singer/song writer whose songs echo ancient Middle Eastern sounds that bring to life deeply impacting Biblical lyrics. Her latest release ‘The Invitation’ – is a collection of profound music, moving videos and study guides that will deepen your walk with God.

Her previous collection - ‘The Worship Journey’ - includes three renowned albums: ‘I Am Before You’, ‘A Pure Heart’ and ‘God of Miracles’. 

Sarah is a wife and a mother of three with a growing international speaking ministry. She is also writing several exciting new books.

You can support Sarah Liberman by purchasing her music and donating to her directly. You can also donate to Messiah's Music Fund, which supports all the musicians on Chavah including Sarah.

Enjoy these beautiful new tunes for the King, fine Chavah fans!


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