You're invited to Proclaim Messianic Music Festival

Join us at Proclaim Music Festival!

Fine Messianic music fans, you're invited to Proclaim Music Festival June 6th through 9th in Hornick, Iowa.

I (Judah from Chavah) will be there playing some of my favorite Messianic tunes, as will Israeli Messianic musician Yaron Cherniak (from Miqedem) and other musicians and worshippers.

At Proclaim you'll find joyful worshippers, new friends, real community, genuine disciples of Yeshua, outdoor praises, campfires, food and fun games for you and your whole family. It's really a great place to be. And last year the biggest thing was...well, the Spirit of God was there like I haven't experienced in a long time. God willing, He'll be there again this year.

Registration is usually $75, but this year, Proclaim's 7th year, we've decided to make registration free, trusting the Father for our finances. Register for free.

Hope to see you there, friends!


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