New music: The Nesbitts - Messianic Mountain Soul

Shalom friends, and an early happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

Friend of the station Scott Nesbitt reached out to me this morning and said,

"We [The Nesbitts] are going to be releasing new singles over the next month on the digital platforms. I was simply thinking of texting you a copy of each single with a picture if you would be willing to put it on Chavah radio."

Yes, woohoo! Thanks Scott! Here's the new single:

The Nesbitts - Messianic Mountain Soul

I've worshipped with the Nesbitts several times over the years. They've played music at Proclaim Music Festival. They're a beautiful family making joyful music for the king, a mix of folksy Messianic tunes they call "Messianic Mountain Soul." Give the new single a listen, friends!

You can support the Nesbitts by purchasing their music over at Thanks for supporting Messiah's musicians!

Happy Thanksgiving, fine Chavah fans. I'm thankful for all of you. 💖


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