New music: The Beth Hallel Cantorial Choir - Atonement: A Yom Kippur Experience

Shalom Chaverim שלום חברים

We’ve added some fresh, beautiful Messianic Jewish music to Chavah:

The Beth Hallel Cantorial Choir - Atonement: A Yom Kippur Experience

“Atonement: A Yom Kippur Experience” takes 14 of the traditional pieces of Yom Kippur Liturgy and presents them in beautiful five-part A Capella, as sung by the Beth Hallel Cantorial Choir. The pieces, arranged and sung by Meuchad Ministry Director, Marc Vidito, along with his wife Dara and friends Steve Caswell and Jenni Seidner, are presented with richness and passion in a format heretofore unrecorded among the Messianic Jewish community.

Marc says, “Nearly 15 years ago, our former lead cantor, Dr. Rick Smith, envisioned a Yom Kippur service that blended the more modern worship with our traditional rich liturgy. We began with the worship team singers harmonizing on key elements of the liturgical worship and weaving the songs and liturgy together into a seamless experience. A few years in, I formally wrote and recorded choral renditions of the entire tome of liturgy in four and five parts, leaning on the great cantors like Richard Tucker and choral arranger John Rutter for inspiration for chants like “Kol Nidre” and “Yedid Nefesh”. Last year, after a decade and a half of perfecting these arrangements, a new congregant at Beth Hallel in Roswell, GA, Gregory Griffith, approached us about recording the liturgical experience for wide distribution. Under his auspices, we met this summer at Orange Peel Recordings in Kennesaw, GA with renowned vocal arranger, songwriter and producer, David Friedman. David is the real deal! He has conducted “Grease” and “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” on Broadway, and was the vocal arranger and conductor for films such as Disney’s “Pocahontas”, “Aladdin”, and “Beauty and the Beast”. In fact, the highlight of his career has been when Angela Lansbury recorded the song “Beauty and the Beast”, it was just her and David in the studio. She was singing right to him. So, his direction really helped bring the best we could give to the recording experience.”

You can purchase this album over at Amazon Music. Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians, friends. You can also donate to all artists on Chavah via Messiah’s Music Fund.

Enjoy the fresh new music for Messiah, dear listeners. ♥


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