Happy Hanukkah!

Hanukkah joy: celebrating the reality that God's House, the Temple in Jerusalem, was rededicated to God.
The Temple was of prime importance to the people of God throughout the Scriptures: King David said he wouldn't rest until he'd find a place for the Temple. Solomon prayed amidst the shouts and praises of Levites in the Temple and the glory of God filled it. The book of Leviticus is about maintaining the sanctity and holiness of the Temple. The prophets warned the people against desecrating God's House by their actions. Yeshua called the Temple "My Father's House", said it will be a house of prayer for all nations. The disciples view the prophetic psalm, "Zeal for Your House consumes me" to Yeshua. The disciples were found in the Temple daily praising God, even post-resurrection.
This beautiful Hebrew rendition of Psalm 116 starts slow and then ramps up the joy in the ending half as it celebrates the worship of God in the Temple in Jerusalem:

!בחצרות בית יהוה בתוככי ירשלים הללויה
"In the courts of the LORD's House, in the midst of Jerusalem - halleluyah!" Happy Hanukkah! And may God rebuild His House in our day according to His will.


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