New music: Sarah Liberman - God of Miracles

Shalom friends,

We’ve rolled out new music on Chavah Messianic Radio for your enjoyment and holy edification:

Sarah Liberman – God of Miracles

Sarah is a spirit-filled worship leader in Israel, and her beautiful voice and stirring music for the Lord is sure to set you in a mode of worship to the King. Friends, I love her music and I’ve been blessed the last few years through it. As great as her previous albums have been – and all highly rated by Chavah listeners – I suspect this one will surpass even those.

Sarah explains the new album like this:

My heartfelt gratitude goes to all who have walked through this portion of the journey with me. To all who supported me in prayer and gave financially - you have been the legs I stand on and have shown me the goodness of God in the midst of the desert place. To the members of countless worship teams serving in Israel and other countries for coming alongside me to lead others to the heart of God. To Oshik Nizry, for your patience and support. To Karen Davis and Peter and Rita Tsukahira - for your example, mentorship and close friendship. To my parents Arieh and Miri, my brother Jonathan and my close friends for all your love, help and support. To my one and only husband Evan - your faith in God, in me, and in my calling is the reason I can even do this. To my amazing gifts - Noa, Joshua and Eitan - I can’t begin to describe how much l love you and how privileged I am that you are mine. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. For the stories and inspiration behind the songs, as well as transliterated chord sheets, please visit: my rock and my hope - Avinu Malkeinu, Yeshua Meshicheinu v’Ruach Hakodesh.

If you like this new album, please buy it! You can purchase the new album over at

Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians.

Shavua tov my holy friends, and enjoy the fresh music for Messiah from the Holy Land.


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