Would You Donate to Chavah?


Shalom Chavah fans,

Would you consider donating to Chavah?

Chavah is purely a labor of love – it’s free, the apps are free, and there are zero ads. I built Chavah because I love Messiah and the Messianic community, and I wanted to preserve the great legacy of Messianic music for this generation. I think it’s a worthy cause!

Running Chavah costs money. Between purchasing music, hosting thousands of songs, streaming audio to tens of thousands of listeners, and paying for copyright licenses, it costs me ~$500/month to run Chavah.

I’ve reduced that cost thanks to bulk pricing and 501c3 non-profit programs. Even so, Chavah still is a monthly financial burden for a single person to pay every month.

So, if Chavah is a blessing to you, I ask you to help by chipping in a few bucks:

Become a Patron!

Thanks for considering, fine Chavah fans.

In His Service,
-Judah Gabriel Himango, Chavah Messianic Radio


  1. A widow's mite, but I know even a few fish and loaves of bread can be multiplied to nourish many :-)

    1. I saw you chipped in - thank you, Sandra! Every little bit helps. I'm grateful for your support.

      Thank you!


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