New feature: My Likes

Shalom Chavah fans,

We’ve rolled out a new feature on Chavah: My Likes

To access it, click “my likes” link on the home screen:

(Not seeing the My Likes link? You’ll need to sign in.)


Clicking it will take you to the My Likes page:


My Likes lets you view  your thumbed-up songs (ordered by most recent). You can scroll through all your likes, and you can also search for a particular liked song/artist/album. In the image below, I typed “bless” in the search box, so songs matching that search show up in the results:


Clicking any of the results will play that song instantly for you.

My Likes It also lets you view your most liked albums. To view, click the “Albums” subheader:


Here I’m viewing my most liked albums: albums with highest net ratio of thumbed-up songs to thumbed-down songs. In the above screenshot, I’ve thumbed-up 22 songs on the Helen Shapiro – Gospel Collection album, and haven’t thumbed-down any songs from that album, so it is the highest ranked album for me.

Clicking any of the album results will play a song from that album.

My Likes also lets you view your most liked artists: artists with songs you’ve thumbed-up often. You can view these by clicking the “Artists” subheading:


And likewise, you can search your liked artists as well as click on any of them to play a song from that artist.



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