New music: Melody Joy - Awakening

Shalom Messianic music fans,

I’m overjoyed to annouce new music on the station just in time for shabbat:

Melody Joy – Awakening

melody joy - awakening

Melody’s first album, The Beginning, has already received a great reception on Chavah, with powerful songs like New Jerusalem and beautiful takes on old hymns like Great is Thy Faithfulness.

I think this new album is going to be a blessing to you fine Chavah listeners. Songs of encouragement like You Are Here, and stirring ensembles of worship like After All, all set to Melody’s powerful, passionate vocals. Great music for the Lord! What a blessing.

I’m thankful to Melody Joy herself for contributing this new album, her hard work and fruit of her labors, to Chavah Messianic Radio. Thank you, Melody!

Messianic music fans, if you enjoy the album, I’d encourage you to buy it over at! Your buying the album supports Messiah’s musicians – without that, no music gets made. Thanks for your support, fine Chavah fans.

p.s. Check out her singing a cover of “You Make Me Brave”:

Enjoy the new music for Messiah, Chavah fans! And an early shabbat shalom to you all.


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