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Giving Thanks: David W.

Listener David W. writes in,

David W. carrying a Torah scroll at Beit Ariel Messianic Jewish congregation in Cape TownI just wanted to drop you a brief line, to tell you how Chavah Messianic Radio has been encouraging me recently.

As you know my college hasn't been a very easy time, and things aren't really improving that much.  Most of the time I'm very stressed, having trouble sleeping, which doesn't help when I'm taking exams.  I'm always telling God that I can't take any more, and all that seems to happen is that I get pushed harder.  But I always knew that God was there.

I recently discovered the singers Lenny & Varda Harris on your station, and on Monday night, I was skipping through a few of the songs of theirs that you had.  I as looking for The Wilderness Song, as when I heard it last it seemed to mirror how I was feeling but promised that God would restore me. While looking I found another one, which helped me even more.  It was a Lenny & Varda Harris song again, it's called I
, and I think it's about the marriage vows between the God of Israel and his people.  I'm not sure because since I  began losing my hearing I've had trouble hearing all the lyrics in songs clearly. 

But the moment I heard it, I felt a kind of inner peace, that made everything seem more bearable. I still had problems sleeping, and the stress levels haven't gone right down, but as they sang the chorus I felt God saying, "That's you I'm talking to, David, nothing can tear us apart!" 

So I wanted to say thank you so much for your music, God has given you a wonderful gift and may he greatly bless you.  All I  need to do now is find a written copy of the lyrics, so I can sing along. Oh, and as a bonus, I found the Wilderness Song again too, and it still mirrors how I feel very well.”

Thank you, David!

Man. Reading stuff like this makes it a joy to run Chavah Messianic Radio. I am so glad it’s a blessing to folks out there! Music that glorifies God is tangibly helping people persevere through difficult times – hallelu!

Thank you, David!

p.s. Here are the lyrics for Lenny & Varda’s song, “I Do” which David referred to in his email:

Yisrael, my home, for a long while, I didn't care.

I knew in part of who you were, yet never knew how rare.

What a precious thing in the sight of God, the God of Yisrael,

He loved you, saved you, spared your life!

You're a nation none can quell...

Return, 0 daughter of Zion, I'm married unto you!

I've chosen you to be My own, for all eternity "I do!"

My love I give you freely, please give to Me your heart.

Forever I'll be true to you, for death cannot tear us apart!

You are calling for a people, to make a stand today,

In spite of all resistance, malice, fear, and hate,

From the ends of all the earth, one heart and one soul,

Returning back to Zion, the holy city of gold!

Take me home to the place where Your heart always is...

To come and kneel before Your throne, to worship at Your feet!

Take my hands and let them be, healing help to all in need.

Here's my heart, take it all Lead me home, and set me free!

I'm returning God of Yisrael, I'm married unto You!

You've chosen me to be Your own, and now I answer You, "I do!"

My love is freely Yours and I give to You my heart!

Forever I'll be true to You, for death cannot tear us apart!

No, death cannot tear us apart! My Bridegroom, here is my heart!”

Thank you, David, for the words of encouragement. And thank you, Lenny & Varda, for your music which has encouraged us to persevere through difficult times, to press on and know the Lord.

Shalom, fine Chavah fans!


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