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FAQ: How do I request a song?

Q. I don’t see the song request feature in Chavah. Where is it?

A. It’s the ‘loudspeaker’ button at the top.


Click that button, and then type the name of a song, artist, or album:


Click the song you’re looking for, then click the ‘Request’ button:


You’re done!

Chavah will play the song instantly for you. Other people listening to the station will hear the song request as soon as their current song finishes.

(p.s. Don’t like a song that someone requested? Thumb it down. Chavah will play something else for you, and the next time that song is requested, she’ll skip sending it to you.)

(p.p.s. Looking for a song, but don’t quite remember the name? This is a great way to find it. Just type anything you do remember about the song, whether album, artist, or name (even if incomplete) and Chavah will do her best to find it for you.)


  1. can you put some songs from les morrison on?

  2. Shalom, Jordan,

    We don't currently have any music from Les Morrison. I'd like to. We'll get his on the to-purchase queue.

  3. Do you have Children of Promise by Maria Merola?

  4. I'm afraid I don't have any of Maria's music. I know Maria, so feel free to send her an email and tell her to send her music over if she'd like it played on Chavah.

  5. I'm on it. Thanks for your great site...please never go away ;-)

  6. Thanks! We plan on being here for a very long time. :-)


  7. Will you be getting the new song, "Coastlands", from Teshuva. You have some of their songs, so just wondered if you'd be getting "Coastlands". It has AWESOME lyrics! Toda raba!

  8. I'd love to. I'll put it on the ever-growing "music to get on Chavah" list. :-)

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Can you add the artist Boneh and his "Covenant Worship Project" album to the Chavah list?

  11. I would really like to hear some of MiYahs songs. Her album is roar.


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