Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New music: Eli & Rachel Haitov – Bou Elav

New Messianic music for you all: Israeli brother and sister Eli & Rachel Haitov have teamed up with Messianic music veteral Marc Chopinsky (of Israel’s Hope fame) to produce this beautiful Hebrew album:

Eli & Rachel Haitov – Bou Elav (Come to Him)

Some really beautiful, fresh tunes for the Lord in the holy language, straight from the holy land.

You can purchase this album over at Eli & Rachel’s bandcamp page. Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians.

Enjoy, fine Messianic music fans!

Monday, January 9, 2017

New music: Ash Soular – The Remnant

New music rollout! Our good friend Ash Soular reached out to us at Chavah and contributed her new album to the station.

If you’re unfamiliar with Ash, she’s got a beautiful voice and is probably the best electric guitar player in the Messianic world. Smile I think you guys will enjoy her new album:

Ash Soular – The Remnant

You can purchase her album, and watch her new music video for the album, over at www.AshSoular.com. Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians.

Enjoy the new music for Messiah, fine Chavah fans!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Chavah now on TuneIn radio (and Sonos!)

Shalom friends,

Good news! Chavah is now on TunIn radio, which means you can play Chavah via an app on your phone, or broadcast Chavah throughout your home with Sonos speakers.


If you want to listen to Chavah via the TuneIn Radio app, download the TuneIn app on your phone’s app store:

Once installed, search for Chavah and you’ll see our station.

Being on TuneIn radio also means being able to play Chavah music on your Sonos speakers in your house. To do that, launch your Sonos app and go to Stations, and search for Chavah.


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

New music: Miqedem

Shalom Messianic music fans,

There’s a great new Israeli band now playing on Chavah Messianic Radio:

Miqedem – Miqedem

I *really* love this album; in my opinion, it is breaking new ground in the Messianic genre through its eastern sound that breaks away from the common, even tired sound of Western Messianic and Christian music.

It’s produced by someone who’s experienced in Messianic music: Jamie Hilsden of King of Kings Assembly in Jerusalem. Jamie’s previous work, L’Dor v’Dor, has become one of the highest-ranked albums on Chavah. I’m certain this new self-titled album by Miqedem will surpass their previous success.

Miqedem's debut self-titled album is a genre-melding collection of songs taken from the Hebrew Tanach. Based out of Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, Miqedem's music reflects the culture of a city caught between worlds.

You can purchase the new Miqedem album for a simple $7 (yes, just seven dollars; the cost of lunch!) at the Miqedem Bandcamp page. You can also donate to Miqedem through Chavah.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Chavah v3 is here!

Big news, friends. I am glad and overjoyed to announce: The brand new version of Chavah Messianic Radio is here!


This new version works better on mobile, has more awesome features, is more secure, faster, smoother, and no longer requires the now-defunct Persona service to sign in. Woo-freakin'-hoo! Smile

Chavah Messianic Radiohttps://messianicradio.com

Even though some features are still baking – hearts, chat, a revamped profile, and sharing, to name a few – I felt it was important to release Chavah v3 now. Chavah v2, built back in 2012, was showing its age, utilizing some now-obsolete technology. This new version is a complete rewrite with brand-spankin’ new tech for the modern web – oh yes! Smile

How far we’ve come

Chavah has come a very long way, fine Kineti readers. And it all started right here on the Kineti blog. Back in February 2010, I built Chavah v1 and announced it right here on the blog:

imageThe first version of Chavah, introduced back in 2010. Humble beginnings!

That first version was pretty basic. It required a browser plugin (Silverlight) to run. It didn’t work on phones or tablets; mobile phones weren’t as big as they are today back in 2010. Smile There was no sign-in, and while you could “like” songs, your likes wouldn’t travel with you to different devices.

Then in 2012 as mobile phones and tablets became ubiquitous, I rebuilt Chavah from the ground up with modern HTML5 web tech that enabled it to run on PCs, Macs, mobile phones and tablets.

Chavah v2, released in 2012. A revamped, more beautiful UI, new features, plus new web tech enabled it to run on mobile phones and tablets.

It’s been 4 years since I released Chavah v2. In those years, I’ve added more features, boatloads of new music – a over 1000 additional songs – and grew the Chavah music community, which now hosts over 3500 listeners.

And now, with Chavah v3, mobile is better, sign-in is better, HTTPS security, and new features and new music as icing on this sweet, sweet cake. Smile

Chavah v3 – oh yes!

I really hope you guys enjoy the new version of Chavah Messianic Radio, the very best place for Messianic Jewish and Hebrew Roots music on the web.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

with Chavah: Persona shut-off and the new Chavah v3

Shalom friends!

Right now when you sign-in to Chavah, you’ll get a scary red message about “persona.org shutting down”:



Some of you have asked what this means. Well, good news and bad news:

  • The good news is: Chavah is doing great, and certainly not shutting down, of course! SmileChavah is more popular than ever, with several thousand listeners and a growing library of music for Messiah.
  • The bad news is: the sign-in technology we’re using, Mozilla Persona, is shutting down.

What this means is, you won’t be able to sign-in to Chavah after Novermber 30th unless we release the new version of Chavah. The new version of Chavah, Chavah v3, doesn’t use Persona, and will let you sign in with your existing email address.

We’re working super hard every day trying to get Chavah v3 done before the November 30th deadline!

Bottom line:

  • Chavah will continue working no matter what. Smile
  • Signing-in to Chavah will stop working on November 30th. Crying face
  • The next version of Chavah, v3, will let you sign in using your email address, without using the dying Persona service. Hot smile
  • We’re scrambling to finish Chavah v3 before November 30th, so that you’ll still be able to sign in.Party smile

Please pray for us in getting Chavah v3 done! We think it’s an awesome version with some super cool new features and social interactions that amplify Messiah and his music.

We’ll have another post here in a week or two to get an update on the status of the new Chavah v3 as the November 30th deadline approaches.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Chavah working smoothly once again

The audio problems you all have been experiencing are fixed!

We migrated off of the server that had the failing hard disk, restored audio from backup, performed several hours of hand-tweaking the files (oiy!) – but we’re back and rolling.

All songs should sound perfect now – no clips, no skips.

Also, album art and artist images should now be fixed now, too.

If you hear any broken songs or see any broken images, please let me know in the comments.