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Thursday, August 27, 2015

New music: Ben Tzion and Tali Waller – Psalms of Ascent

Shalom, Messianic music aficionados! Time for some new music, nu?

We’ve added to Chavah Messianic Radio a beautiful album by a Messianic couple living in the holy land:

Ben Tzion and Tali Waller – Psalms of Ascent

Ben Tzion and Tali describe the new album like this:

Shortly after our daughter Yael was born, we put Psalm 133 to music, and that was the beginning of this journey.

Over the next two years our journey brought us to Jerusalem for several months. There is a spiritual depth to Jerusalem that sets it apart from every other city in the world. As we walked its ancient streets and met its many faces, we began to understand why David’s heart was drawn to this city.

As our hearts grew closer to this holy place, these Psalms began to take on a more significant meaning. We continued working on the Psalms, at the same time realizing the importance of singing them in their original language.

“We began to understand why David’s heart was drawn to this city…”

The Psalms of Ascent (Psalms 120-134) are a special group of Psalms that are chanted every Sabbath among some Orthodox Jews. These songs were sung on the journey to Jerusalem for the three pilgrimage Festivals; Pesach, Shavuot, and Sukkot. In addition to being sung during the upward climb to Mt. Zion, these fifteen songs were traditionally sung on the fifteen steps that led into the Temple.

“These songs were sung on the journey to Jerusalem for the three pilgrimage Festivals…”

The songs begin in Psalm 120, where a peace-loving poet finds himself in a foreign land surrounded by war-loving neighbors. In the final song, Psalm 134, the traveler reaches the climax of his long journey and makes a call to bless HaShem in the Holy Temple of Jerusalem. The ascent to the courts of HaShem, though full of unforeseen trials, is a journey whose greatest reward is being in the awesome presence of the “Maker of heaven and earth”. We hope these Psalms of Ascent will truly cause your hearts to ascend as you worship the Holy One of Israel.

Blessed be His Name forever!
Let’s go up!

Ben Tzion and Tali Waller

The Waller family have done some beautiful music in the past. Joshua Waller’s I Believe is ranked +386 on Chavah, one of the highest ranked on the station. I’m likewise certain you fine Messianic music lovers will enjoy this new album.

Like their music? Please support Messiah’s musicians by purchasing their album over at


Friday, July 17, 2015

Please help Rabbi Ed Rothman

Shalom, folks. Do you believe disciples of Yeshua should help other disciples?

A friend, rabbi, and disciple of Yeshua needs our help:

Rabbi Ed Rothman is a friend, a leader of the Messianic movement who has labored for 33 years (!) as founder and rabbi of Seed of Abraham, one of the oldest Messianic congregations in the US. I've attended his congregation numerous times and have been blessed time and again.



33 years of service to the Messiah and the Messianic community, and now is his hour of need.

I'm asking you to donate if you're able: donate here.

Thank you for your consideration and generosity in helping disciples of Yeshua. An early shabbat shalom to you all.

-Judah from Chavah Messianic Radio

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New music: Joshua Aaron – Hu Yavo

Shalom, Chavah fans. Some brand new music coming your way from one of Chavah’s most popular artists:

Joshua Aaron – Hu Yavo (He Will Come)

Joshua Aaron has produced some of the most highly rated music on Chavah, with hits like You Are Holy (+202), Salvation Is Your Name (+144). I think you fine Messianic music lovers will really enjoy his new album!

And if you do, please support Messiah’s musicians by purchasing Joshua Aaron’s new album over at Todah rabah!

Monday, June 8, 2015

New music: Leonardo Díaz – Cordero

Yet more new music on Chavah. This time, a Spanish Messianic album from our friend Leonardo Díaz, from Lion and Lamb Ministries:

Leonardo Díaz – Cordero (Lamb)

You can get his music over at (Thanks for supporting Messiah’s artists and musicians!)

Friday, June 5, 2015

New music: Ted Pearce & Cultural XChange – Jerusalem Sessions

One of the most popular Messianic musicians, whose music is perhaps the most highly rated of all musicians on Chavah – Mr Ted Pearce – has just released a new LP, the 6 song album entitled Jerusalem Sessions.

Ted has been laboring for the Lord for decades now through music, ministry, support for the Jewish people, Holocaust remembrance and marches…the man is a bonifide servant of the Most High. He told me these new songs are his best work yet. I know you’re going to love them, fine Chavah fans!

I think it’s incumbent on us, the Messianic laypersons and servants of God, to support our leaders and musicians. Please support Messiah’s musicians by purchasing Ted’s music here.

Alternately, click the “heart icon” on Chavah, which will take you to Ted’s music site:


Toda rabah, disciples of Yeshua. Enjoy the fresh music for Messiah!

Giving thanks: David W.

Just got this message of thanks from David W. Really encouraging!

Shalom Judah

My name is David W. and I live in the UK.  Although you don't know me, I'm writing this with your station Chavah Messianic Radio playing in the background.  I'm not actually supposed to write with it playing, because I'm totally blind and partially deaf.  This means I'm supposed to listen to my computer's speech system, and it's not always a good idea to do this with Music coming out of the speakers at the same time, but I'm afraid it's pretty irresistible.

I wanted to write, and tell you how much I love listening to your radio station.  I came across it by accident two days ago, when I was looking for a messianic dating website.  Yes I know that sounds incongruous, but the only website I found didn't' work, so out of frustration I gave up and googled Messianic Music, and found your website.   It is wonderful, both because when I entered it, the music started playing automatically and my screen reader is displaying the songs titles and artists, without me having to look for them.  As a blind person, it's very rare for this to happen, and for this reason I already love your site.  Although I find signing up to it, and commenting difficult, I can listen to the tracks that are playing which is the most important thing.

But as I am still having some trouble navigating the rest of the site properly, I did want to ask a couple of things if I may.   where are you based, and where to you come from?  I'm sure this information is all available on your website, but I'm afraid that I can't find it.  This has nothing to do with your web page, it's probably because I'm a technological lamebrain.  My brother Samuel, who is also blind, is the technical wizard in our family and has the computers eating out of his hand whenever he works them.

Let me just give  you a brief bio of myself though.  Although I'm not Jewish by birth, I consider myself  and adopted Jew, when I found Yeshua.  As I a wild olive branch, was grafted into a the cultivated olive tree that is Israel.  I didn't realise when I  first came to know God, as I was only eight at the time.  But when I was eighteen, I finally got a bible in Braille that i could read for myself.  Before then I only had an audio copy of the new testament.  So when I finally got the whole bible I began to read the old  testament (Hebrew scriptures.) and fell in love!  That may sound cliché, but it really is true.  I read through the old testament and began to realise that our whole gospel was based on the Jewish people.  And that God clearly came to bless the Jews first and foremost, and then the gentiles.  This doesn't make them any more special than me, anymore than being the oldest makes me better than my youngest sister.  But obviously the Jewish people were the people God chose first, but so many Christians not only didn't know their old testament, but they didn't seem to know anything about the Jewish people either.

"Something's not right here,"  I thought. And that's when God planted the seed which has grown into my being drawn to messianic Jews, and to the Jewish people as a whole.  I am a supporter of the state of Israel, but i feel it is equally if not more important to try and reach out to Jewish people with the good news that Yeshua The Messiah has truly come.

Since then, I've tried to attend as many Jewish events as possible, usually going to a Jewish community centre in London.  I've made some wonderful Jewish friends, although so far I've not had an opportunity to really share the gospel with them yet.   But they know I'm a Christian, who has a deep love of Jewish cloture and Jewish people.  And this does seem to keep them interested although some of them are having a hard time accepting  that I wasn't born a Jew.  I fact I feel a bit of a fraud, as I'm not even Jewish by origin, and I don't even speak any Hebrew.    I'm also having trouble finding a Messianic community in the UK, which is why I was looking for the dating website.  I wasn't necessarily looking for a wife, (although that would be wonderful.)  but for some people my own age, who were Messianic Jews.  Most Christian girls, and guys come to that, don't seem to understand where I'm coming from, or share my passion.  I've  not had much luck there, but at least I have found your radio station.

Do forgive me for writing you such a long and complicated email.

God Bless You

Sunday, May 17, 2015

New music: Hebron – For Such A Time As This

Fine Chavah fans, we’ve got some brand new music. It’s about time, isn’t it?

We have a special treat for you all. Helen Shapiro – the Jewish Christian artist who once opened for the Beatles – teamed up with Chrissy Rodgers and Simon Elman to form a new group, Hebron. They’ve released their first album entitled For Such A Time As This.

Hebron – For Such A Time As This

Helen Shapiro has 2 albums played on Chavah today, and Chrissy Rodgers was an early member of the 1970s Messianic music group, The Star of David Singers.

These seasoned Messianic musicians produced something really beautiful for the Lord.

You can purchase the new album over at MannaMusic. It’s also available on iTunes. (Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians!)