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Monday, November 23, 2015

Giving Thanks: David W.

Listener David W. writes in,

David W. carrying a Torah scroll at Beit Ariel Messianic Jewish congregation in Cape TownI just wanted to drop you a brief line, to tell you how Chavah Messianic Radio has been encouraging me recently.

As you know my college hasn't been a very easy time, and things aren't really improving that much.  Most of the time I'm very stressed, having trouble sleeping, which doesn't help when I'm taking exams.  I'm always telling God that I can't take any more, and all that seems to happen is that I get pushed harder.  But I always knew that God was there.

I recently discovered the singers Lenny & Varda Harris on your station, and on Monday night, I was skipping through a few of the songs of theirs that you had.  I as looking for The Wilderness Song, as when I heard it last it seemed to mirror how I was feeling but promised that God would restore me. While looking I found another one, which helped me even more.  It was a Lenny & Varda Harris song again, it's called I
, and I think it's about the marriage vows between the God of Israel and his people.  I'm not sure because since I  began losing my hearing I've had trouble hearing all the lyrics in songs clearly. 

But the moment I heard it, I felt a kind of inner peace, that made everything seem more bearable. I still had problems sleeping, and the stress levels haven't gone right down, but as they sang the chorus I felt God saying, "That's you I'm talking to, David, nothing can tear us apart!" 

So I wanted to say thank you so much for your music, God has given you a wonderful gift and may he greatly bless you.  All I  need to do now is find a written copy of the lyrics, so I can sing along. Oh, and as a bonus, I found the Wilderness Song again too, and it still mirrors how I feel very well.”

Thank you, David!

Man. Reading stuff like this makes it a joy to run Chavah Messianic Radio. I am so glad it’s a blessing to folks out there! Music that glorifies God is tangibly helping people persevere through difficult times – hallelu!

Thank you, David!

p.s. Here are the lyrics for Lenny & Varda’s song, “I Do” which David referred to in his email:

Yisrael, my home, for a long while, I didn't care.

I knew in part of who you were, yet never knew how rare.

What a precious thing in the sight of God, the God of Yisrael,

He loved you, saved you, spared your life!

You're a nation none can quell...

Return, 0 daughter of Zion, I'm married unto you!

I've chosen you to be My own, for all eternity "I do!"

My love I give you freely, please give to Me your heart.

Forever I'll be true to you, for death cannot tear us apart!

You are calling for a people, to make a stand today,

In spite of all resistance, malice, fear, and hate,

From the ends of all the earth, one heart and one soul,

Returning back to Zion, the holy city of gold!

Take me home to the place where Your heart always is...

To come and kneel before Your throne, to worship at Your feet!

Take my hands and let them be, healing help to all in need.

Here's my heart, take it all Lead me home, and set me free!

I'm returning God of Yisrael, I'm married unto You!

You've chosen me to be Your own, and now I answer You, "I do!"

My love is freely Yours and I give to You my heart!

Forever I'll be true to You, for death cannot tear us apart!

No, death cannot tear us apart! My Bridegroom, here is my heart!”

Thank you, David, for the words of encouragement. And thank you, Lenny & Varda, for your music which has encouraged us to persevere through difficult times, to press on and know the Lord.

Shalom, fine Chavah fans!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

New music: Adalya - No Other God, Raise a Song

Two new albums on Chavah today contributed by the artists themselves: Gannon & Rebekah McGee, comprising the music group Adalya:

Adalya – No Other God

Adalya – Raise Up a Song

The group features a soft and sweet female vocal set to the words of Scripture. I think you fine listeners will enjoy this peaceful music for the Lord.

You can purchase their music over at CDBaby.

New music: Curt Oxford - Yeshua

Shalom, fine Chavah fans. Yet more new music this week, this time contributed by the artist himself.

Curt Oxford – Yeshua

We’re grateful to you, Curt, for your service to Messiah and your contribution to Chavah Messianic Radio.

Fine Chavah fans, you can purchase Curt’s music here. Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New music: Leorah - Ketz Ha Yamim

Shalom, Messianic music fans. I’ve got some fresh new music contributed by a musician who also happens to be a Chavah Messianic Radio fan. Two new albums from her:

Leorah – Ketz Ha Yamim

And her second album:

Leorah – A Covenant Place

Leorah writes,

Shalom from Australia,

I was looking for some Messianic songs to play today and came across your site which has really caught my attention and wow! How wonderful to be able to avail of such worship songs.

Would you be interested in the two albums I have been "given" to write and produce & sing?

I have sheet music as well. There are two albums given to me at the ages of 60 & 65 (I am still singing)

They are named 'Ketz Ha Yamim" & "A Covenant Place"

Love to know what kinda feedback you get from listeners. Ketz ha Yamim was written under my stage name of Ricci Carr. However our Heavenly Father bid me return to my birth name of Lorraine (Leorah) for His Scriptural work. it has all been given for these times. I did not plan to write any of it.

So glad I was obedient. It was recorded under the most difficult of circumstances and I was very ill at the time.

That Yahweh gave me the voice was in itself a great sign & a wonder.It was recorded at 60 years of age and A Covenant Place 65yrs.

Both albums were Heaven sent and took 2 years in total to form, arrange, write, sing etc.

Praise Yah! & HaleluYah!

Thank you for your obedience to the God of Israel, Leorah! The international Messianic music listeners on Chavah thank you and are now singing these songs to the Lord because of your service – hallelu!

Fine Chavah fans, please support Messiah’s musicians by purchasing Leorah’s music here.

Friday, October 9, 2015

New music: Micha’el Ben David – Hope & The Spirit of Grace

Here is something to increase your joy this shabbat. New music from our holy brother in Israel:

Micha'el Ben David - Hope & The Spirit of Grace

Veteran Chavah fans know that Micha’el Ben David’s music is some of the highest ranked on Chavah. In fact, at the time of this writing, his song Sh’ma Yisrael is the #9 highest ranked song of all the music on Chavah, weighing in at a cool +601.

This new album, I believe, will likewise be a hit with you fine listeners. So much joy on this album! From songs like El Shaddai Mi Kamocha – which has become a classic song we sing at my congregation – to psalms that uplift like Ivdu Et HaShem, I consider Hope & The Spirit of Grace to be one of the best albums Micha’el has put for to-date.

Micha'el is a light for Messiah in the Holy Land and in the nations, and a personal friend of mine. Please support Messiah's musicians by purchasing his new album at

Thank you, and enjoy the music for the Lord!

Monday, September 21, 2015

New music: Sarah Liberman – Lefanecha

Shalom, fine Chavah fans. We’ve got some truly beautiful new music for the Lord, straight from the Holy Land to your eager ears.

Sarah Liberman – Lefanecha (I Am Before You)

Sarah is an Israeli believer who has produced a worship-filled work of beauty for the Lord through songs in both Hebrew and English.

Her album is soft and beautiful, reverent and sung sweetly, piano-heavy, a fragrant offering of worship. Composed of original music plus beautiful renditions of contemporary Christian worship. The songs are positively beautiful and uplifting, and, as I hear it, Liberman’s heartfelt worship comes out in the music for the glory of the Father. Hallelu!

I know you guys will really enjoy Sarah Liberman - Lefanecha! Please support Messiah’s musicians by purchasing her music at

Are you interested in supporting Messiah’s musicians in Israel? Sarah Liberman felt the Lord pulling on her to distribute 1,000 CDs to unbelieving homes in Israel through her ministry to the poor. She is looking for people to sponsor just $10, and she in turn will distribute the worship music to an Israeli. Enable this work of God, fine Chavah fans! Donate here.

(Todah rabah for supporting Messiah’s musicians, and Messiah’s work in his Holy Land!)

And shabbat shalom.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

New music: Ben Tzion and Tali Waller – Psalms of Ascent

Shalom, Messianic music aficionados! Time for some new music, nu?

We’ve added to Chavah Messianic Radio a beautiful album by a Messianic couple living in the holy land:

Ben Tzion and Tali Waller – Psalms of Ascent

Ben Tzion and Tali describe the new album like this:

Shortly after our daughter Yael was born, we put Psalm 133 to music, and that was the beginning of this journey.

Over the next two years our journey brought us to Jerusalem for several months. There is a spiritual depth to Jerusalem that sets it apart from every other city in the world. As we walked its ancient streets and met its many faces, we began to understand why David’s heart was drawn to this city.

As our hearts grew closer to this holy place, these Psalms began to take on a more significant meaning. We continued working on the Psalms, at the same time realizing the importance of singing them in their original language.

“We began to understand why David’s heart was drawn to this city…”

The Psalms of Ascent (Psalms 120-134) are a special group of Psalms that are chanted every Sabbath among some Orthodox Jews. These songs were sung on the journey to Jerusalem for the three pilgrimage Festivals; Pesach, Shavuot, and Sukkot. In addition to being sung during the upward climb to Mt. Zion, these fifteen songs were traditionally sung on the fifteen steps that led into the Temple.

“These songs were sung on the journey to Jerusalem for the three pilgrimage Festivals…”

The songs begin in Psalm 120, where a peace-loving poet finds himself in a foreign land surrounded by war-loving neighbors. In the final song, Psalm 134, the traveler reaches the climax of his long journey and makes a call to bless HaShem in the Holy Temple of Jerusalem. The ascent to the courts of HaShem, though full of unforeseen trials, is a journey whose greatest reward is being in the awesome presence of the “Maker of heaven and earth”. We hope these Psalms of Ascent will truly cause your hearts to ascend as you worship the Holy One of Israel.

Blessed be His Name forever!
Let’s go up!

Ben Tzion and Tali Waller

The Waller family have done some beautiful music in the past. Joshua Waller’s I Believe is ranked +386 on Chavah, one of the highest ranked on the station. I’m likewise certain you fine Messianic music lovers will enjoy this new album.

Like their music? Please support Messiah’s musicians by purchasing their album over at