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Aviad Cohen has passed away

Friends, I’m saddened to announce that Messianic musician Aviad Cohen has passed away yesterday, according to a Facebook post from his family. I knew Aviad for many years; he contributed his music to Chavah years ago, and before that, I knew him through my younger brother when the two of them met in person by chance in Jerusalem.Aviad produced 4 albums for God, including 3 techno albums and 1 Scripture reading album:Hooked on the TruthFirestarterGood News to Mission ControlScripturesonics Vol. 1: The Good NewsAviad’s last album, Scripturesonics, is a stirring Scripture reading album set to orchestral music. It’s my personal favorite.Aviad made big splashes when he, as a conservative Jew and rapper known as 50 Shekel, came to belief in Yeshua as Israel’s messiah. His public conversion made him a target for anti-missionaries and Jews who considered his belief in Yeshua to be a betrayal of Judaism.At the time of this writing, it's not clear how Aviad died. One friend says he passed a…
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L’Shana Tova from Chavah Messianic Radio

Shalom friends,Here's to wishing you a very joyful Rosh Hashana. From all of us at Chavah Messianic Radio, l'shana tova u'metuka! To a happy and sweet year ahead, holy friends! Hear the sound of the shofar on this Yom Teruah and listen in anticipation of that Great Shofar Blast signaling the return of King Messiah. Curious about Rosh Hashana, but unsure what to do? Here’s How You Can Keep Rosh Hashana. Want to go deeper? 10 remembrances during the shofar blasts of Rosh Hashana.A sweet year ahead for you fine disciples of the Master. Blessings to you all, holy friends!

New music: Dan & Melissa David - Visions of Messiah

Shalom fine Chavah fans,The second of 5 albums contributed by veteran Messianic musicians Dan & Melissa David is now live on the station:Dan & Melissa David – Visions of Messiah
Enjoy the fresh new music for Messiah, fine Messianic music lovers!

New music: Dan & Melissa David - Draw Me Close

Shalom friends,I’m please to announce new music on the station, contributed by the artist for your listening pleasure, fine Chavah fans:Dan & Melissa David – Draw Me Close
This Messianic Jewish couple – with Dan on the violin and Melissa on the paino - have produced some beautiful tunes for Messiah, having produced 3 albums and two instrumental albums over the years.I’m glad to report that the Davids have sent us all 5 albums for play on Chavah Messianic Radio – hallelu! I know you fine Messianic music fans will enjoy Draw Me Close. Please support the Davids by purchasing the album or donating.Thanks to Dan & Melissa for contributing their music to the station. And thank you, fine Chavah fans, for supporting Messiah’s musicians. Enjoy the new music.

New music: Melody Joy - Awakening

Shalom Messianic music fans,I’m overjoyed to annouce new music on the station just in time for shabbat:Melody Joy – AwakeningMelody’s first album, The Beginning, has already received a great reception on Chavah, with powerful songs like New Jerusalem and beautiful takes on old hymns like Great is Thy Faithfulness.I think this new album is going to be a blessing to you fine Chavah listeners. Songs of encouragement like You Are Here, and stirring ensembles of worship like After All, all set to Melody’s powerful, passionate vocals. Great music for the Lord! What a blessing.I’m thankful to Melody Joy herself for contributing this new album, her hard work and fruit of her labors, to Chavah Messianic Radio. Thank you, Melody! Messianic music fans, if you enjoy the album, I’d encourage you to buy it over at! Your buying the album supports Messiah’s musicians – without that, no music gets made. Thanks for your support, fine Chavah fans.p.s. Check out her singing a cover …

New music: James Block – Selah Vol. 2

Shalom Chavah fans,We’ve got some new Messianic music on the station, courtesy of the artist himself:James Block – Selah Vol. 2This is James’ 2nd album. The previous album, Selah, has been on Chavah for quite some time and has received a welcoming reception by listeners, with well-ranked songs like Overcame, Psalm 18 and Prayer, Daniel 9.James was gracious to send us his latest album, Selah Vol. 2, some time ago – we just now got around to getting it on the station. I think you fine Chavah fans will enjoy Block’s beautiful piano, passionate singing, and orchestral sound; a joyful sound for the Lord!Give it a listen and let me know what you think. Like the music? Support Messiah’s musicians and purchase the new album over at

New music: Marty Goetz & Misha - L’Dor V’Dor

Shalom holy friends,Brand new Messianic Jewish music for your listening pleasure. Our dear friend, Messianic music pioneer, and holy brother in the Lord, Marty Goetz & his daughter Misha have put together a wonderful new album.Marty Goetz & Misha – L’Dor V’Dor: From Generation to GenerationYou can purchase this wonderful new album here for an easy $16. Thanks for supporting Messiah’s musicians, friends!I had the pleasure of meeting Marty Goetz last night. I spoke with him and talked to him about Chavah Messianic Radio. He was gracious and said, “How can we get the new album to you to play on the station?”Yours truly with Marty Goetz, taken just last night!I told him I was already a financial backer of the new album via Indiegogo; I should receive the new album soon enough. But another listener, Marty Blume, who has helped Chavah Messianic Radio greatly in the last few months, got the new album on the station just a day prior to all this. Thanks to both Marty’s! For the uniniti…